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Vivaldi Platinum – this is a synonym of quality.

We have used only the bet materials, structures and mechanisms for the construction.



Scandinavian and Latvian building materials were used for the construction of the house. Rockwool was used for heat insulation. This is a "breathing" material which ensures the circulation of air and infiltration, which, in turn, allows to avoid the accumulation of humidity in the structures. Two layers of rockwool have been used as heat insulation of the envelope walls, i.e. the facade rockwool which is 120 mm thick and the antiwind rockwool which is 30 mm thick.



The external finish of the house is made of Canadian pine. The thermally treated wood has no heat conductivity and therefore it is excellently suitable for the finish of the envelope walls. Regular lubrication ensures resistance to the environmental impact and the elegant appearance for many years.

The boards are coated with "Caparol" oil.

Also terrace floors have wooden finish.



Glass plays an important role in the project - the most part of the facade is made of this material. Glass facades are made of the aluminium system "Schuco" and double triple glass blocks 6+4+4. All the facade glass is hardened. Railings of terraces are made of triplex glass.


Concrete structures

Monolith cast base structure. A rope-based tensioning system has been used in floor-ceiling covers.



Two "Schindler" elevators have been installed in the house. The walls of lift wells are transparent and made of hardened triplex glass 4+4.

The parking gate and the underground parking barrier have a remote control system and can be opened by using a remote control.

There is a video communication device at each staircase and in each apartment.


Heating and electricity, meters

There is a gas fired boiler in the basement of the house. Heat and water consumption metering is done remotely by using a radio controlled meter, the meter readings will be sent to your e-mail.

Also individual meters of all the apartments are located in the basement. The designed voltage for every apartment is 25 amps.


Floors and walls

The floor in each apartment consists of a layer of rockwool and dry concrete which provides both heat insulation and also special noise insulation.

The partition walls between apartments are constructed from ceramsite - concrete blocks with the thickness of 200 mm and the density of 5 MPA.


Interior finish

You can choose to buy an apartment without the interior finish and to complete the interior design by yourself or you can choose an option proposed by our designers and move into a completely furnished environment.

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