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Village LAPSAS is located in Babīte Municipality – only 18 kilometres from the Riga City centre. On the 6th km of the Liepāja highway there is the turn to Village LAPSAS. The village is being built in a beautiful and quiet location surrounded by a pine forest. The Božu Lake with a place for swimming is only three kilometres from the village but the Babīte Lake – a paradise for anglers – is only four kilometres from the village. Regular transport from the village to Piņķi and Babīte schools.



Houses and land plots


It is planned to erect 94 houses in the Village LAPSAS. Each house will have a land plot with area from 1200 to 1600 square metres. The village has all the necessary technical infrastructure for comfortable living - central water supply, electricity and sewerage. Streets are paved and illuminated. 


NORDIC HOMES offers unique technology, different size and design houses with a wide choice of interior decoration materials. At the same time we maintain a uniform architectural form of the village.



House production technology


Industrial manufacturing of modules is based on the unique experience and production system that combines the most successful experience gained in North America, Germany and the Scandinavian countries with local knowledge of experienced engineering staff. 90% of construction works of Nordic Homes houses are carried out in a production plant where neither the house structural elements, nor the construction process is affected by external weather conditions - the air temperature and precipitation (rain, snow). This results in the achievement of high geometric accuracy of panels and ensures the possibility to control panel quality.


Wooden frame components are made only ​​from certified materials. For production of wooden pillar houses we use planed timber with transport humidity of 18%, which corresponds to C24 or B strength group according to LVS 184:2000. Timber is selected according to material quality criteria established in the EU. We are testing strength, moisture content and compliance with other quality criteria of all the lumber materials, thus ensuring the highest quality of materials. All other supplies are inspected by us in order to assure that they comply with quality standards defined in the material quality compliance declarations.


Wooden frame. Wooden frame panels are mainly produced for implementation of international projects, for example in the British and French market, where each building project is unique, but where there is used one and the same engineering technology that transforms the design in a building set. A building set consists of exterior walls, interior walls, floor and roof structures, where the key elements are wooden panels filled with heat insulating material and equipped with partially built-in electrical power supply system channels. One side of a panel is sheathed with waterproof oriented strand boards (OSB), while the other side of the panel is covered with vapour barrier film and gypsum board fastened with screws.


Modular homes. Modular homes are manufactured according to standard design; a building set of each house consists of 4 separate modules. In production of modules, the technology of manufacturing of structural elements is analogous to the wooden frame panel production technology. In addition to these, subsequent manufacturing steps are being taken: the panels are assembled in modules, then plumbing equipment and electric wiring is built in, followed by the frame's internal and external finishing works - wall covering, filling and painting. The specially packed ready-made house modules are delivered and stored in a warehouse.

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