„Trijādības nams" located at Klīversala, at the crossing of Trijādības and Staraja Rusas Streets, is a modern project, combined with the peaceful and green environment of the Near Pārdaugava. The district is quiet and rich in architectural monuments. Arkādija Park, Māra Pond, as well as such popular shopping centres as T/C "Olimpija" and T/C "Spice" and recreation centres "Bolero" and "Zelta boulings" are located nearby; distance to a public transport stop is 300 m.


The building has 13 apartments located in the floors 2 – 7. Area and number of rooms vary – from 44,7 m² (1-room apartment) up to 221,9 m² (5-room apartment). Each apartment has a balcony or terrace.


Thanks to the location of the new house and its architectural solution, sunlight penetrates every room of the house.

A closed car parking for 9 cars is built in the first floor as well as space for a small shop or a tourist office with a separate entrance from the Staraja Rusas Street.