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Sun is the source of life. Sunlight makes everything live on Earth. But it's not only a star in outer space, it's an aesthetical compose of our civilization. Sun worshipping cults existed since first myths and even now in some cultures sun remains extremely relevant in forming of ethnos and society.


Modern residential complex "Sun Terraces" is a manifest and an ode to the Sun. Located at 36 Dzintaru prospect, in the very heart of Jurmala, a modern 3-floor building is constructed in such a way as to letting the maximum of sunlight to open terraces, playground and inner yard.

In frontage finishing only natural materials were used such as marble and noble wood of cedar. Cedar is a valuable wood and is used since ancient times. Due to its' solid structure cedar is a great insulator which is why it was used in frontage – not only it is aesthetically relevant for the whole concept of the complex, it also creates a certain environment inside.


The main architectural accent of the complex is the broad terraces, unfolding a picturesque view of the Baltic sea, beachside and pine forests. Just imagine: every morning standing at the terrace with fresh thoughts and ideas, watching the sun rising from the sea and smoothly moving westwards, shining warmly and illuminating the "Sun Terraces" - isn't it inspiring?


The project has been created with the concept of bringing the inner harmony both through architectural language and unique coastal climate of Jurmala which can't be found anywhere else. By choosing apartments at "Sun Terraces" you are becoming part of this place.

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