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The project «Krustkalni Apartments» is meant for people who have a modern perception of life; for those who value their time and quality of life.


Inhabitants of «Krustkalni Apartments" are people who have a common perception of the world, people with special interests and goals.


The project is located only 6 kilometers from the Old Town, in a cosy and green area with developed infrastructure, at Ziepniekkalna street.


Thanks to the well-designed buildings, the project is successfully adapted to and integrated in the surrounding nature.


On the landscaped land plot of 3.5 ha with green plantings, ponds, walking paths, benches, comfortable and cosy children's playgrounds there are located 11 modern four-storey (3 + 1) houses. Each house has 28 two- to four-room apartments, which range in size from 52 m² to 93 m². Almost all apartments have balconies, but the last floor apartments - sunny terraces.


In the result of the well-planned layout, the spacious apartments with large windows are always filled with daylight, but behind the window there is a pleasant landscape.


Autonomous gas boiler installed in each house, underground and surface parking lots, storage space in the basement floor, autonomous forced ventilation of apartments, high-quality elevators, modern communications (internet, telephone, cable TV) are self-evident things in our project.


The flats in the «Krustkalni Apartments» are offered with full interior decoration. In addition, you can choose one of the design offers developed by specialists.

Inga Freija

Inga Freija

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Svetlana Kolmakova

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