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A wonderful beauty and the variety of landscapes, pine forests, pure air, sublime dunes, the sea exciting by its versatility, marvelous gulf, serenity and calmness – all this is what Jurmala grants to its inhabitants.


The apartments of the new community “Jūrmalas Pērle” are located in a prestigious resort area at the coast of the Gulf of Riga. The building was designed in a modern European style, the main concept of which is open space and natural light. The name “Jūrmalas Pērle” is translated as the Pearl of Jurmala. And this is true, as after settling here you would definetely find your „pearl”.


“Jūrmalas Pērle” complex includes three blocks, which have separate entries, and accommodates 27 luxury apartments (68.5 to 129.1 sq. m).

The underground garage has parking space allocated for all apartments.

The mansard floor features spacious terraces. Thus, it is possible to enjoy the salubrious air even without leaving the house; one may just settle on the terrace or patio, located in paled and guarded area of the complex.

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