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External walls: basement exterior walls - monolithic reinforced concrete, insulated with extruded polystyrene foam b = 2x100mm. Surface floor walls are made of monolithic concrete b = 154 to 202 mm, they are insulated with stone wool b = 200 mm. Load-bearing walls: monolithic reinforced concrete d = 152mm. Ceilings: monolithic reinforced concrete d = 276mm. Stairs: stairways are made of prefabricated reinforced concrete. Loggias: prefabricated reinforced concrete structures. Equipped with 220V socket and lighting. Fully glazed. Roof: monolithic reinforced concrete d = 276mm, insulated with stone wool d = 250, covered with bitumen waterproofing material. Load-bearing partitions and walls between apartments: monolithic reinforced concrete and cement chipboards d = 200. Separate partitions in the apartment d = 100 to 150mm from the metal profile, filled with stone wool and double plasterboard cladding.




In the rooms and hallways the floors are covered with wooden laminate or parquet, the walls are painted, but in the kitchen area the walls are tiled. Painted and tiled walls in the bathrooms, tiled floor. Toilets and bathrooms have electric floor heating. Centralized city water supply. Each apartment has a cold and hot water consumption meter.




Windows: PVC paint (outside / inside) - wood imitation / white. Double-glazing: Uw ≤ 0.9 W/m²×K




Exterior doors: metal, fire resistance: EI30; Sound insulation: 36 dB; Color tone: RAL 9023. Wooden interior doors, veneered.




Storage rooms: for each apartment in the basement a separate storage room with individual lighting and a 220V power socket.




Closed area with controlled access - entry into the area is restricted by a barrier, pedestrian gate - with a code or chip. There are 31 parking lots, a children's playground and exercise machines in the area. Landscaping: paved driveway, sidewalks and parking. Rainwater sewerage and LED lighting are installed in the territory. Greenery - old trees, new trees, ornamental shrubs, lawn. The area is fenced.




Heating system: heat source - a new heat unit with two gas boilers connected in a cascade.




Water supply: Centralized city water supply. Each apartment has a cold and hot water consumption meter.




The building has undergone an energy efficiency assessment and corresponds to class A with a total energy consumption of no more than 40 kWh/m² per year.









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