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Combining the quarter-century experience of the developer "STATS grupa" with sustainable innovations, a residential house project has been created that is able to fulfill all the desires of a demanding modern person for a high quality of life. Efficiency, quality, convenience and green thinking are the cornerstones of "Harmony Home", which ensure a harmonious life today and lasting values in the future.


The new housing project "Harmony Home Teika", located in Riga, Ķeguma Street 39, is the most suitable choice for those who want to live in an energy-efficient new project apartment, while enjoying privacy. In this project there is only one four-storey house with 48 apartments - with one and a half, three, four rooms - and a well-thought-out ergonomic layout. The new project has glazed loggias, personal storage room, bicycle parking for a comfortable and organized environment. Large elevators and wide doorways make the environment accessible to families with prams. 


"Harmony Home Teika" offers apartments of 41-86 square metres. All apartments are sold with complete interior decoration and plumbing fixtures. Each apartment has a glazed loggia, panoramic windows and individual recuperation system. There is a storage room in the basement without any additional pay, where there is also a common storage room for bicycles and prams. We invite you to read more about the composition of the building and apartments in the section Technical Information.


"Harmony Home Teika" is like a small haven of peace on the greenest edge of Teika. There are live traffic, public transport and a winding cycle track within a few tens of meters. But at home, it all seems to disappear behind the green garden. Residents of "Harmony Home Teika" can enjoy special privacy in their homes. In the varied garden, paved paths meander along playgrounds, outdoor exercise machines, places for recreation and a car parking. The enclosed area is an additional security for children's yard games.




Thanks to the Austrian-patented VST technology, there are up to millimeter-accurate walls, ceilings and other building structures, which form an excellent quality monolithic, dense and durable construction. It is the basis for a long-lasting, energy-efficient, fireproof building with excellent sound insulation. The building built in this way is free of gaps and cracks even after several decades.




Nature is one of our most valuable resources and core project values. The building is built according to VST technology, using factory-made permanent concrete formwork with already built-in engineering systems, which allows to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and waste during construction. The production of building elements has also been approved as environmentally friendly. The fresh air in the home provided by the recuperation system and the green environment around the home are also a benefit for the residents.




The VST system used in the construction of Harmony Home is certified as a Passive House component. Permanent concrete panels form the monolith of the building and ensure high density of the building and heat impermeability. Effectively solved cold bridges minimize heat loss. It is the quality in construction that ensures efficiency in everyday life.




The well-thought-out ergonomic layout provides efficient use of space, while maintaining the feeling of spaciousness provided by panoramic windows and a glazed loggia as a full-fledged extension of the living space to enjoy the sun in summer and enjoy the winter garden in cold weather. The loggias have lighting and an electrical outlet. In the basement there is a private storage room with lighting and an electrical outlet, as well as bicycle storage, so that you have next to you only what you need on a daily basis. By the way, with a wide elevator you can go all the way to the basement.




"Harmony Home" provides a solution to the basic requirements of families for living space. Excellent sound insulation allows you to enjoy privacy without worrying about the neighbors' reaction to children's pre-bedtime parties. Panoramic windows create space and brightness in the apartment. Large and spacious elevators, wide doorways in both common areas and apartments provide convenient transportation for young families with prams. In the basement, which is easily accessible by elevator, there is a storage room for prams and bicycles. Playgrounds in the green yard are a safe environment for children's play thanks to the closed yard. It is an accessible environment and quality conditions for every person without restrictions.




Thanks to the construction technology, the energy efficiency of the building corresponds to class A+ with a total energy consumption of up to 30 kWh/m2, which allows "Harmony Home" to easily meet the standards of a passive house. Each apartment has an individual modern recuperation system. For residents, this means high-quality and comfortable living conditions and lower monthly payments.




Due to the high wall density and other technical indicators, the apartments have very good sound insulation Rw = 56-62 dB. You won't know what TV neighbors are watching, but you also won't have to worry about your neighbors knocking in case of loud music or louder children's games. It will feel like in a private house - the sounds around you are just your choice.




Comfort and convenience are what characterize the near and far "Harmony Home" surroundings. Safe, closed and richly green environment - a yard where it is safe to play, go in for sports and enjoy the day. Possibility to park cars, bicycles and prams, easy access to public transport. In the vicinity you can reach everything you need on a daily basis - kindergartens and schools, doctors, shops, sports facilities.

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