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Like each day and each month... Like four seasons in Latvia and four directions... So beautiful and diverse are apartments in project Ezerparka Nami.


We have gained inspiration in everyday life and infinitely beautiful and varied nature, which allowed us to construct residential houses, where everyone can find a new home he has dreamed of.
...With first rays of morning sun over the windows, with rich taste of afternoon, with afternoon's sweet quietness and serenity of evening...

Here children can play safely, and everyone can find a place for active recreation or quiet walks. We were thinking of you when we designed bicycle parking places at the ground floor and in yards, playgrounds in backyards, convenient underground parking lots and storerooms. We have developed apartment with so different layouts and four types of finishing.
We shall construct an own city for you. A city with a new and beautiful park, kindergartens, shops and business opportunities, and what is more – a possibility to live in a good and affordable residential complex.


We shall build a city in city for you!
Come, move in and let's make a new and groomed part of city together!



Ezerparka Nami is a part of a development design at a spacious territory of 24 ha. This plan provides development and construction of a new district of Riga, a so-called city in city.


A unique advantage of the project is its well-groomed and integrated environment surrounding the residential complex, which shall appear in next several years, including new public city park Lucijas darzs and a unique channel system at the territory under development, smart transport schemes and convenient network of access roads. We offer a possibility to choose a home in a new district of Riga and to take active part in its development. A close vicinity to Mezaparks and Kisezers offers much more varied opportunities for leisure to residents of new district.



Ezerparks is the region which will have all rights for opportunities of leisure offered by closely located Mezaparks and Kisezers.

Mezaparks is the location of one of the most popular leisure areas of Riga residents – the Zoo, which is the oldest in Northern Europe. Moreover, the Big stage of the Song festival is also located in Mezaparks, where once in a four years one of the most large-scale events in cultural life the Song festival takes place.
Mezaparks is also a popular place for bicyclers and skaters, and offers roller-blades for rent. At the spacious territory you can find playgrounds with attractions for children of any age. On weekends Mezaparks is a place of trade fairs, of which especially popular is Slow Food, a table-top sale of ecological products brought by local farmers.
In winter any resident and guest of Riga can ski at the park for free using two snow skiing trails. Mezaparks is also a popular leisure area for townspeople with opportunities of active leisure for the whole family, and one of the most beautiful and greenest areas of Riga!



Ezerparks is only in 5 minutes drive from city centre and is located on the crossroads of main regional and city transport routes. In future it shall have direct connection with Northern corridor and Via Baltica, Eastern route and Southern bridge. Ezerparka nami are surrounded by smart transport schemes and convenient network of access roads. You can get to Mezaparks from the centre of Riga by bicycle using a dedicated road or take tram No.11 from the centre of Riga.

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