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The project AVENUE 34 is a unique residence, because it incorporates eternal and new values – it is the interaction of nature's energy and the finest, newest technologies. It is an ideal solution for those who wish to gain the most out of life. Fourteen exceptional apartments, harmonizing with the environment, will colour your life in bright, sunny colours. AVENUE 34 is a proud investment in the future.


AVENUE 34 is special, because its location - Jurmala, Dzintari prospect 34 - is a source of inspiration. The author-architect Dace Putnina (architect firm KUBS) was influenced by everything – the rich history of Jurmala, the nearness of the sea, the brilliance of the beach and the enchantment of nature. It was almost like a meditative conversation with the spirits of nature in order to understand where in Jurmala lives the sun, where lives the moon, how the trees grow and where runs the wind.


AVENUE 34 - create Your own Jurmala

Every last detail of the project has been thought out to the last nuance – everything has received a dose of soul, professional knowledge and technological capacity. Everything has meaning, especially when giving thought to your feelings in calling Avenue 34 your home...


We create new emotions

The apartments will greet you with white walls – everything will be like a new, blank page for your new life, which you can create as you please and as you feel best for yourself. Each colour, each item has a symbolic meaning. This is your world, with your rules – only you can know if you will begin this life as a complement to the aura of Jurmala or to create an extravagantly contrasting environment.


The house spirit is the sun itself

Each apartment, just like Jurmala, can be characterized by amber – they are overflowing with the sun's and nature's energy. The large windows decorates the living space. The terraces, an irreplaceable part of the luxury apartments, are turned so that you may enjoy the sun's rays to the last possible minute.