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The loadbearing structures of the building are supported by a monolithic reinforced concrete foundation. Under the building there is underground parking. The bearing walls are made from reinforced concrete panels, underground floor, floor structures, walls and columns - from prefabricated reinforced concrete. The exterior walls of the building are insulated 150 mm, plastered and painted. The facades of the porches are glazed.



The partitions between apartments are made from prefabricated reinforced concrete panels plastered and painted on both sides. The interior partitions are made from metal profiles, filled with mineral wool and lined with plasterboard slabs. On the partitions where fastening of the kitchen cabinets is planned, plywood is installed to increase the bearing capacity under the drywall sheets. In the rooms with high humidity, the wall construction consists of a metal frame covered with moisture-resistant plasterboard.



Prefabricated reinforced concrete floor panels are used for interfloor structures, covered with a layer of dry concrete with polystyrene for additional sound insulation. Stairs - concrete steps on a metal structure, covered with a protective layer of epoxy resin. On the stairs there are painted railings. In one building there are four porches, the second building has five porches.



The roof is insulated and covered with bituminous material. The balconies from the first to the third floor are covered with bituminous material. The terraces of the fourth and fifth floors are insulated and covered with bituminous material.



The entrance doors of the porches are made from glass and aluminium, the door to the underground floor is made from metal. The entrance doors of apartments are painted, fireproof and metal, the interior doors are wooden.



The building has PVC double glazed windows.



Heating in the building is provided by the city heat supply from “Baložu komunālā saimniecība”. The apartments are equipped with radiators. The porches are not heated. Floors with electric heating are installed in the bathrooms for additional comfort.

Air exchange in the apartments is provided by fans installed in the bathrooms, hoods in the kitchen area and fresh air compensators are built into the window frames. The ventilation in the kitchen area is passive.



Water supply and sewerage systems are connected to centralised city networks. In the bathrooms there is a shower tray or a bath, a toilet, a washbasin, shower mixers for shower and sinks, as well as electric heated towel rails. In the kitchen or in the bathroom there is a space for a washing machine and an appropriate connection is made. All apartments have water flow meters with remote reading function.



Electricity meters are located in a technical room in the basement. Low-current switches for the internet and television are located in a technical room in the basement. The apartment includes an optical cable, an installed outlet for internet connection, television. In the bathrooms and hallways there is built-in LED-lighting. Smoke detectors are installed on the ceiling. The apartments have intercoms.



In residential areas, the walls are painted, laminate is used for finishing the floors. In rooms with high humidity the walls and floors are covered with tiles. In technical rooms and parking a concrete flooring with a protective coating is used for floors. The ceilings of residential premises are suspended, installed using sheets of plasterboard and painted.



The area around the building is landscaped with planting. In addition to this, the territory is equipped with illumination and footpaths from paving, benches are installed, there is a well-groomed lawn and planting of ornamental plants.

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