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The modern, stylish architectural solution of the residential house at Edinburgas prospekts 11, Jūrmala, which has been developed by the well-known in Latvia architectural bureau "Sīlis, Zābers & Kļava", reflects the wish to be distinctive from others and be notable for the special design.


The conceptually well-considered, diverse and organic combinations of wood, glass and roof are creating an interesting exterior performance. Special wooden elements have been used in decoration of the house exterior, which recall feeling of being in a pine forest, harmonically fit in the environment and perform simultaneously functions of sound insulation.


The roof edges of the house are inclined to the sky so that the house seems to be full of favourable and light energy. The strongly pronounced rhythmic of the facade gives speed to the life but the unconventional roof design which reminds of a bird wing, causes feeling of an ascent. The house façade fragments are specially lighted up, and changeable pictures are projected on the glazed wall of the yard...


32 apartments of the "white" interior decoration degree, of area from 51 m2 to 124 m2 will be placed in 4 floors of the new low-rise apartment house „365". Each apartment will have a balcony, and 5 apartments situated in the 4th floor will have exit to a terrace.


Commissioning date: 2nd quarter of 2008.


„365" – it is a house in movement.

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