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ARCO REAL ESTATE conducts an annual analysis of the Latvian real estate market, publishing its results in a concentrated form, entitled "Latvian Real Estate Market Review". The market review covers the most important real estate segments - apartments, private houses, land, commercial properties, etc. The company's analytical team also conducts a market analysis of standard-type apartments in the largest housing estates in Riga, publishing monthly e-reports.


Information sources such as ARCO REAL ESTATE transaction database, customer demand and supply analysis, information provided by business partners, as well as publicly available data are used to produce these market reviews. 


The market reviews target Latvian real estate market players - from individuals to investors and bankers. 

ARCO REAL ESTATE Market Research Team

Recent offers

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Apartment For sale
3 ist., 2 no 2 st., 100 m2
Rīga, Āgenskalns
160 000 EUR
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House For sale
7 ist., 2 st., 310 m2
Mārupes novads, Mārupe
285 000 EUR
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Residential land For sale
3363 m2
Ķekavas novads, Ķekava
65 000 EUR
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Apartment For sale
2 ist., 2 no 6 st., 46 m2
Rīga, Centrs
96 180 EUR



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