Legal advice

ARCO REAL ESTATE provides the following legal services:


  • preparation of real estate purchase, sale, earnest money, gift, rent and lease agreements, legal support to transactions;
  • monitoring of security of real estate transactions, pre-screening of real estate, including checking of property rights, pledges, encumbrances, prohibitions, seizures, authorizations, detection and identification of potential risks and development of possible solutions for prevention thereof;
  • editing and adjusting transaction documents and agreements, advice on already existing agreements;
  • cooperation with notaries in preparation of corroboration applications and powers of attorney;
  • performing all necessary actions and completing formalities to ensure registration of property rights in the Land Register;
  • drawing up the rules for the use of the joint property, including the drafting of the contract for the common use of the property;
  • drawing up and obtaining residence permits, providing advice and assistance in the correct processing of documents and real estate transactions with a view to obtaining a residence permit in Latvia in the future;
  • tax advice on real estate transactions;
  • legal support to the sale of apartments in new housing projects, including preparation of a package of documents including property reservation, purchase, earnest money, sale, and other agreements; real estate registration and division into apartment properties.

Recent offers

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Apartment For sale
3 ist., 2 no 2 st., 100 m2
Rīga, Āgenskalns
160 000 EUR
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House For sale
7 ist., 2 st., 310 m2
Mārupes novads, Mārupe
285 000 EUR
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Residential land For sale
3363 m2
Ķekavas novads, Ķekava
65 000 EUR
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Apartment For sale
2 ist., 2 no 6 st., 46 m2
Rīga, Centrs
96 180 EUR



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