Investment objects

Investment objects enable clients to place free cash in real estate with the purpose of earning or making savings.


Investment professionals at ARCO REAL ESTATE offer a brokerage service to help clients find potential buyers, sellers and tenants. During the cooperation, site visits, negotiations between buyer and seller are organized, necessary contracts are prepared and legal advice is provided.


As an additional service, the company's investment specialists provide advice on real estate prices, financing options and market trends.

Investment specialists of ARCO REAL ESTATE

Recent offers

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Apartment For rent
4 ist., 2 no 5 st., 145 m2
Rīga, Centrs
1 400 EUR / months
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Apartment For sale
2 ist., 3 no 5 st., 50 m2
Ķekavas novads, Ķekava
52 000 EUR
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Apartment For sale
3 ist., 3 no 4 st., 100 m2
Ādažu novads, Baltezers
295 000 EUR
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House For sale
4 ist., 2 st., 145 m2
Mārupes novads, Jaunmārupe
235 000 EUR



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