At present, our company employs experienced consultants who are specialized in various sectors: apartments, private houses, land plots for private houses, offices, commercial, industrial and warehouse space.


As a complete solution, we offer you a complete service - from the required location of the object detecting and ending with the tenant to find the object. We have a diverse experience in real estate project development and sales activity management.


Brokerage services:


  • purchase / sale transactions;
  • rent / lease transactions;
  • the potential buyer / lessee of the presentation of an object;
  • documents required for the preparation of sales or lease transaction;
  • the transaction coordination to the notary public;
  • the seller / buyer or tenant / landlord representation in the debates.


Project management services:


  • counseling according to the market situation;
  • advice on selling or renting the item price;
  • the sales strategy on the object;
  • the object marketing plan and sales strategy development and implementation;
  • regular reporting of sales results.


ARCO REAL ESTATE developed a network of partners in all countries of operations and strong customer data base provides a sound basis for future development. If we can not find reliable customer service necessary for the local market, then we ourselves begin to provide this service. We have individual approach to each client to be aware of each individual wishes and offer appropriate solutions. Our goal is to offer a suitable and appropriate solutions, the effectiveness and accuracy will be seen both today and tomorrow, well beyond a hundred years.



Recent offers

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House For sale
2 ist., 2 st., 60 m2
Limbažu novads, Skulte
135 000 EUR
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Apartment For rent
2 ist., 1 no 6 st., 50 m2
Rīga, Centrs
480 EUR / months
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Residential land For sale
16700 m2
Ādažu novads, Ādaži
75 000 EUR
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Residential land For sale
25000 m2
Limbažu novads, Ziemeļblāzma
95 000 EUR

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