Merv Johns, 17.08.2009 jautāja:

Buying my latvian Wife's ex husbands 1/2 share of her appartment in Latvia - what do I need to do. As my wife is a Latvian citizen, do I as a New Zealand citizen need to get permission of the municipality - and how do I go about this


Dear Mr. Johns,

permission of the municipality is required if you buy the land in Latvia. For the purchasing the apartment it is not necessary.

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Majid Mohammadi, 23.03.2009 jautāja:

I live in Iran. I will buy a flat in Latvia. How can I buy a flat? Thank you


Hi, Majid!
You can send us your request - what kind of flat you are looking for and would be ready to buy - and we can help you to complete formalities. You can send e-mail to
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Leonard Vella, 07.02.2008 jautāja:

Can you please tell me when are you publishing the property market overview report of July till December 2007. And also, do you have any indications of Jaunuary 2008?


Latvian real estate market overview July - December 2007 will be published at the end of February. We will publish this market overview in our home page, just like we publish monthly market overviews at the beginning of every month as soon as they are finished.

Simon, 23.07.2007 jautāja:

Hello, can you please email me the 2006 pdf reports on Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia? I am unable to download them from your website due to my company's internet security.


Please send your e-mail address to and we will send you reports with pleasure!

Richard Hickson, 03.10.2005 jautāja:

hello, to buy a proprty, work and live in latvia is it nesecarry to become a citizen or have a resident permit for other EU pasport holders ?


If the person is a citizen of EU, he can buy a property in Latvia. If he is not a citizen of EU, he needs the permission of the municipality.

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