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Life in Centrus

The centre of a city is the main part of any city – it is a historical place in Riga as well, bringing together people since the early days of the city. It has been a melting pot for acquired knowledge over many centuries; it is where the architecture and landscaping experience of a number of the most talented historical masters of the city have been implemented; it is where the fulfilled dreams and realized hopes of citizens live.

It is the home of a truly integral value – the memories of different generations. Many, varied, splendid. It is where life is in full swing – regardless of the time of day.

People who love living in comfort and respect their time, those who are dynamic, energetic, stylish, vital and joyful live in the city centre. The city centre always surprises us with its diversity, colours, splendour and range of options.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the centre of Riga has become the fulfilment of another unique, new and modern dream – the newly established living environment for those who prefer convenience, privacy and security in the very heart of the city. This is Centrus quarter.

We make a completely enclosed living space, tailored for individual interests that allow you to use the benefits of capital city centre while enjoying the convenience of privacy in your own apartment.

Kārlis Meikšāns

Kārlis Meikšāns

Certified Real Estate Agent

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Phone: +371 67079220
Arina Kuzņecova

Arina Kuzņecova

Real Estate Agent

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