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The building's architecture is a classic example of neo-eclecticism, with its interior dominated by Jugendstil elements (details). Just as when it was first built, the building's renovation combines striking architecture with state-of-the-art technology. The renovation utilises the best finishes available: marble, travertine, solid woods and bevelled glass. Tiled fireplaces, original carved wood doors, historic parquet, wall and ceiling murals and decorations have all been restored.


The building's layout has been designed to be utilised at different levels - each floor having a specific function, both residential and business. There are elite apartments with living rooms, studies, bedrooms, bathrooms and dressing rooms, kitchens and dining rooms. In contrast, two floors have been designed as contemporary, fully furnished business premises.


The first two floors feature large bright and modern spaces for doing business and holding meetings and functions.


The smart building service management system caters for light, fresh air, heat and electronic communications. Office space is furnished with Vitra and Rimadessio office furniture systems.


The business premises are located on the building's norht side, but living, guest and dining rooms benefit from the midday and afternoon sun.


The third floor features an elegant terrace which can be used to extend the guest room outside in good weather. The terrace's volcanic stone flooring is not only an elegant design solution, but also an excellent safeguard against unexpected rain.


The fifth floor also has a terrace, overlooking city rooftops and the adjacent gothic church tower, but the spring: the bountenous chestnut blossoms in the courtyard.

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