List of documents to be submitted

  • Application to the Land Register registered and certified by a Sworn Notary;
  • Purchase-Sale Agreement;
  • Consent of the spouse of the seller to sale of the real property, or confirmation that the real property is a separate property of the seller;
  • Consent of a third party to sale of the real property if there are any prohibitions established in favour of this third party and registered in the Land Register;
  • Consent of the self-government to purchase of the real property if restrictions set out in the Laws "On Privatization of Land in Rural Areas" and "On Land Reform in Cities and Towns of the Republic of Latvia" are applicable to the person purchasing land; or a document confirming that the person may purchase land without restrictions;
  • Waiver of the self-government or another competent state agency from the right of first refusal to the real property if such right of first refusal is laid down in the law;
  • Receipt confirming payment of the state duty for registration of the transaction;2%of the transaction amount or no more than 30,000 LVL;
  • Receipt confirming payment of the chancery duty;
  • Power of attorney or a certified copy thereof if the person signs documents on behalf of another person in accordance with an authorization.

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