Commercial properties located in the centre of Daugavpils will be offered in an auction at a particularly advantageous price

  • An open auction of existing commercial properties located in Daugavpils administrative territory, during which properties owned by the company "LatRosTrans" and situated at Balvu Street 7, Balvu Street 15, Stacijas Street 129a, will be offered to interested persons at especially favourable prices, will take place on March 31, 2015, at 14:00 at ARCO REAL ESTATE Auction Hall, Riga, Blaumaņa Street 5a, informed Mr. Guntis Kanenbergs, Head of the Commercial Space Department of the Company.

The representative of ARCO REAL ESTATE specifies that the total area of the administrative premises ​​ offered in the auction exceeds 1,500 m², while the area suitable for industry is 1,360 m², adding that the nature and convenient location of the commercial space in the city centre to a great extent meet the requirements of industrial, logistics, information technology companies or companies of an equivalent scope of activities. Taking into account the technical and visual condition of the properties, they require only insignificant investments to fully customize the premises for the specific business needs.


Mr. G. Kanenbergs does not exclude the possibility that due to favourable conditions of the auction and specific features of the commercial properties, interest about it may be shown by national-scale exporting companies who are looking positively to business expansion and its promotion towards the East. Since Daugavpils is located in an economically active region, bordering with Belarus, Russia and Lithuania, there are good possibilities of attracting foreign capital. Also in Daugavpils, there are highly qualified specialists in certain sectors of multi-level manufacturing industry (chemical and food production, transport field), while a relatively high level of knowledge has been reached in the IT sphere, namely, there are good specialists and academics.

"Daugavpils being in a convenient geographic location, has historically served as a strategic transit city, connecting Latvia with the huge Eastern markets. The city has a low labour cost advantage in labour-intensive industries," says the expert.


If the auction is successful, around 100 new working places could be created in Daugavpils, reducing the registered unemployment level in the municipality and improving the city's image, thereby increasing the population's satisfaction.

The coordinator of the auction indicates that the property at Balvu Street 7 consists of a three-storey industrial, controlling and communication unit with a basement; Balvu Street 15 – of an administrative building with a basement and extension, while the commercial property at Stacijas Street 129a consists of a repair shop, heating unit, building for passes, transformer substation and two garage buildings.

The open auction rules are available for collection from 17th of March at the ARCO REAL ESTATE office, Blaumaņa Street 5a, Riga, on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00, or can be requested by e-mail.

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Contact person: Guntis Kanenbergs
Phone for inquiries: 2863 2211



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