ARCO REAL ESTATE office address change

  • From March 16, the ARCO REAL ESTATE office will be located in a presentable house at Blaumaņa Street, 5a, Riga, while the working hours will remain unchanged.

The building, which has the status of national cultural monument, was designed by architect August Malvess, and built in neoclassical style as Riga industrial and craft savings and loan association’s bank building, dating back to year 1913.


The facade and the interior of the historical building are decorated with decorative elements typical for the neoclassical style, including a series of pilasters surrounding the building’s upper three floors and supplemented by stylish capitals. But the arch-shaped windows and the circular tower facing the street crossing, with the waiving flag on the top, give the building a unique look.


Welcome to the ARCO REAL ESTATE new premises already on March 16 -



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