We are operating in evolving markets. It is the market of constant change, where trade rules are still evolving and plans are made for shorter periods. New companies come and go, trust is hard to build. We have proved, that we are reliable.


We believe that real estate is a business of long term relationships. We start things that we do not live to see ending. We build environments where people live and work. It is not just buildings, it involves every little aspect we call living quality.


We have invested in the creation of the chain full service offer for 21 year. Now we are able to offer these services in all of our markets: in Latvia, Estonia and Bulgaria.


ARCO REAL ESTATE Latvia started works required for ISO certification at the beginning of 2013, and already in late May received the ISO 9001:2009 Certificate, which is a proof of the high customer service standards of the Company.


Recent offers

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Commercial land For sale
50000 m2
Olaines novads, Stūnīši
100 000 EUR
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Apartment For sale
1 ist., 4 st., 41 m2
Salaspils novads, Tilderi
16 900 EUR
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Apartment For rent
2 ist., 3 no 9 st., 46 m2
Rīga, Sarkandaugava
330 EUR / months
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House For rent
4 ist., 2 st., 212 m2
Babītes novads, Piņķi
1 900 EUR / months



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