Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 39 94 500 EUR

Rīga, Centrs / For sale apartment 2 362.50 EUR / m2

ID: 74520 Edited: 20.02.2018.

For sale 2 room apartment with good quality materials, very warm (for building own gas cattle) and in very good location (Lacplesa and Valdemara street corner) , quiet courtyard building!
+AFTER RENOVATION, fully renovated with new appliances !
+New apartment at this moment is rented out, but with tenants is agreement that if find buyer, they leave apartment.
+Doors in the apartment (2.40 m height) from wood (veneer) , by special order to this apartment!
+Apartment located in the building 1st high floor (windows to the courtyard ) with closed staircase and code key. Under this apartment will be also other apartment (renovated), that's why extra warm for this apartment.
+1st floor is almost like 2nd floor!
+Kitchen equipped with all necessary appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator with freezer , electric stove top, built-in oven, sink, kitchen furniture.)
+Living room with cozy sofa , TV table and TV shelves.
+Spacious entrance with large built-in closet.
+Bedroom equipped with double bed , mattress, spacious wardrobe , cummode.
+Bathroom with bath, sink, shelves, electric clothes dryer.
+For building is own gas heating cattle, that's mean that utilities will be lower. In the summer 30 EUR , winter approximately 90EUR + electricity, hot and cold water. It's possible to switch cheap Internet only 6 EUR per month (100 mB/s);
+For building is own owner society(association) , which has concluded agreement with RNP.
+In the courtyard all parking places at this moment are not available, but for future is possible to manage it and place always cost 40 EUR per month or can rent some parking place in nearest parking places (E. Melngaila street and other)
+Bicycles can stay in the courtyard or can talk for some place in private basement, which you can also buy if need!
+Near are public transport stops (trolleys, buses), cafes, schools ,etc.

Transaction type: For sale
Property type: Apartment
Area (m2): 40
Rooms: 2
Floor / Floor amount: 1 / 5
- Internet
- Fiber optic
- Bath
- Closed staircase
- Parking
Daiga Bondare
Certified Real Estate Agent Mobile: +371 2839 8853
Phone: +371 6707 9216
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